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Lean In Circle Sessions (Singapore)

Lean In Circle Sessions (Singapore)

Contact us for small group and one-on-one sessions.


Synovations®' Lean In Circle sessions (Singapore) are committed to encouraging women to lean in to their professional goals and careers by supporting their individual and collective empowerment. Coaching women on their own paths, aligned with who they are as individuals to reach the future of their highest potential. Embody your own culture to realise your journey.

The sessions are facilitated conversations, dialogue and multimedia experiences, a service in support of the Lean In global community.

Take Away Five Keys

  1. ​Improve your understanding of the internalization of stereo types, the imposter syndrome, stereo type and cultural biases.

  2. Develop techniques for responding to them and the internal critic.

  3. Deepen your understanding of Women's potential in the world beyond your Individual and or corporate identity.

  4. Explore systemic thinking to comprehend the intended and unintended consequences of your actions for improved results.

  5. Reframe the issues to use adversity positively.


Individual challenges: ability to re-frame, respond and take action.
Collective challenges: ability to re-frame, respond and plan actions.

Specific aspects or issues including but not limited to: flexi-time, internalization of stereo types, the imposter syndrome, stereotype bias; the internal critic; key learning from the most recent research; male role model leaders leading the way.


Women interested in pursuing their professional development and further advancement.


An historic Black and White house and garden set in the lush rain-forest of Singapore's McRitchie Reservoir.

Location and directions will be provided upon registration.


Alternative option is for a virtual program via an audio visual platform facilities.

Let us know how we can help you.

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