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Publications & Case Studies

Synovations periodically publishes our perspectives on critical leadership in our publication, CATALYZING. Topics range from learning from current and recent engagements, 

to our views on critical issues and practices. We hope you find them useful. 

This study considers the influencing and motivating factors involved in women executive leaders' decisions to take on Top Leadership Roles (TLR). In an analysis that applied the principles of constructivist grounded theory (CGT) (Glaser, 2002), the study explored unique individual experiences of women executive leaders already in TLRs that influenced their decisions to take them on.

Tara Kimbrell Cole reflects on three aspects of her personal and professional development over the last thirty years and her continuing practice. Learning acquired through her professional and personal journey, her life time commitment intensified after taking on the professional responsibility of coaching.

Cover story in Singapore Institute of Management's publication, Today's Manager interviews Tara Kimbrell Cole, Lead Executive Consultant of Synovations Pte Ltd discusses how the role of board members and their fiduciary responsibilities have substantially shifted. Board members are now responsible for decisions they take. 

Member of the Month, interview published in the International Coach Federation Newsletter, December 2011. Tara Kimbrell Cole reflects on what facilitated the biggest shift in her professional and personal life.

The challenge facing emerging economies, like Vietnam is to find an alternative path to the conventional industrialization.  Tara Kimbrell Cole reviews the business landscape in Da Lat & Lam Dong province to set the stage to grasp the opportunity in sustainable development and then explores how it may be grasped.

Despite all the attention that has been given to the subject, a fundamental challenge that exists in Asia is recognizing and realizing the opportunity in human capital. The development of the human beings working in a twenty-first century corporation is absolutely critical for the corporation’s survival.

Women remain locked in a struggle to achieve equal pay for their equal or sometimes superior contributions. This ’white paper’ proposes that the value placed on women’s productivity can only be recognized and be given equal value with male productivity - when the issues surrounding diversity policies distinctly and directly demonstrate their impact on share value.

This case study describes a recently conducted workshop with Health Care Executives - heads of Critical Access hospitals - Leading in Complex Systems. Rather than being about systems theory, the focus of the workshop is on the leader's experience working in a system - how complex systems behave, how they as leaders behave in systems, how the system impacts them as leaders, and how they can increase their positive impact upon the system.

This case study explains the meaning and concept of Innovation Capital®, provides an overview of the impact of Synovations® coaching on its development and shares some experiences in working with companies on the harnessing of Innovation Capital. Two case studies, one on one-on-one coaching and one on team coaching, highlight the way Innovation Capital can be invested in your team to help them realise their potential and bring your organization forward.

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