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Whether your needs are best served by our consultation or coaching services, or a hybrid combination, our approach to complex problem-solving and innovative thought process development principally draws from the methodologies developed and evolved over the last thirty years at the MIT Sloan School of Management by the following:


Peter M. Senge Ph.D. and the Society for Organizational Learning (SoL):

  • Mental Modeling - Surfacing and letting go of disabling mindsets

  • Personal Mastery - Clarifying what matters and mastering the ability to achieve it

  • Shared Visioning - Developing aspirations that are genuinely shared

  • Team Learning - Building collective intelligence, commitment & highly tuned collaborations

  • Systems Thinking - Seeing the whole and dealing with complexity

C. Oto Scharmer Ph.D. and MIT's Presencing Institute:

  • Seeing - from a different perspective

  • Sensing - redirecting

  • Presencing - connecting to the source of inspiration and alignment

  • Creating - vision and intention

  • Prototyping - embodying

Edgar Henry Schein Ph.D., a former professor, in the field of on Organizational Culture

We draw on these seminal culture detecting and crafting tools, skills, processes and practices uniquely combined with deep business experience and the talent of seasoned masters of application to catalyze and implement customer-focused culture change.

Let us know how we can help you.

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