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Wright Medical Group

Peter S. Cooke 

President International

Wright Medical Group                  2016-2018


Listen to Peter regarding Synovations' engagement of the Market Responsiveness Index (MRI™) to evaluate Wright's customer engagement culture.

"The MRI™ opens your eyes to really what is involved in creating high levels of customer engagement. It is not just about the customer, but the alternatives they have and how we work cross-functionally to execute more effectively."

Interview with Peter Cooke WMG - How has your experience been working with MarketCulture and Synovations?
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Wright Medical Group

Peter S. Cooke 

President International

Wright Medical Group                  2014

"The program was eloquently tailored to the requirements of the group and the general theme of improving WTR-willingness to recommend Wright Medical, as an international employee to friends and family and awareness of the strategy of the company, all part of the HPMS surveying program. It was designed to challenge conventional thinking and during the initial program it was evident that several team members struggled to see beyond convention, however the following days debrief brought multiple examples of changed thinking. Similarly the challenge on communication to question carefully and thoughtfully and then truly listen vs tell also created anxiety with several and again through debrief and discussion the team went away thoughtful and committed to try something different."

"Lastly the confrontation of the History of the World in 2 minutes pushed the boundaries and the buttons of the participants... a great observation of how confronted the group was but how rapid the adaption to the thinking took place. This was a real "entrée" to expanded thinking and the first test was passed."



Ruth Crossley

APAC Head of Regulatory Compliance and Assurance
Amazon Web Services

"The coaching facilitated a comprehensive review of both my corporate and personal objectives... I was introduced to new frameworks and provided with reading suggestions which facilitated changes in both my perspective and my behaviour. As a result I reflected on root causes of actions, blind spots and subsequent intended and unintended consequences. I continue to reflect on the lessons learned during our time together; and use the frame works and methods introduced to support my current decision making process."


"Tara's wisdom and emotional intelligence make her a truly outstanding coach. She is... a lady to learn from in all aspects of life."

The Five Literacies of Global Leadership

Richard David Hames

Philosopher-Activist, Strategic Futurist, and Author


"Tara Kimbrell Cole is a brilliant thinker, entrepreneurial practitioner and can provide insightful guidance in terms of the global business environment."


Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services

Mui-Hoon Poh
CEO (past)

"We found Tara to be someone who was able to understand the strategic issues that NETS is facing quickly. She was able to establish credibility and rapport in a short time so as to facilitate the discussions in depth, an important element for a coach to have in the C suite."


​"The workshop was engaging and productive in helping us shape the team views of the key issues facing us including our influence on the outcomes of those issues."

New York University | Stern School of Business

Susan Stehlik Ph. D.
Clinical Associate Professor

of Management Communication
New York University | Stern School of Business

"I've looked at a lot of these coaching businesses and yours is quite unique. I don't really coach but people have called it that; so, I really appreciate the distinguishable differences... your work is so relevant on totally personal and strategic levels."

Astra Zeneca

Christine Teinturier

Vice President, Finance Operations, Global Products & Portfolio Strategy, Enabling Functions

Astra Zeneca

"Tara has significantly and greatly impacted my professional and personal life, by helping me to perceive the whole system we are part of, and to get access to my inner capabilities and capacities. This deeper awareness and insight are definitively contributing to my journey and development as an authentic leader. By her unique coaching approach, she has been able to help me find ways to tackle my short term development needs and also open my horizon for the future."


Lauren Houghton 
Director, People & Organizational Capability (Past)
Asia Pacific Region


"Tara has been a great partner in bringing her deep business expertise and strong systems and solutions-focused methodology, to facilitate impact and change through her unique energetic and engaging coaching partnership. Tara brings a perspective to working with business leaders that adds a thought leadership focus on the possibilities and opportunities of driving sustainable business success in the bigger picture of socio-economic transformation for the future. This takes executive coaching to more impactful level for leader and organisation."

Standard Chartered Bank

The Late Rodney D. Galpin
Former Chairman & CEO

Standard Chartered Bank
Executive Director, Bank of England

"Tara Kimbrell Cole has the capacity to think originally and to apply this gift sensibly and with wisdom to strategic and organisational issues."

Nicholas Gilbert

Global Head, Regions Compliance and

Regional Head of Compliance, ASEAN & South Asia

“Drawing upon her extensive professional experience, deep emotional intelligence, and many years of executive coaching, Tara encouraged me to deconstruct each of my goals and think more broadly and strategically – both professionally and personally. She was a very effective sounding board for my ideas, and provided the wise counsel and practical advice I needed to help me meet my goals.”  

Global Summit of Women

Irene Natividad
Global Summit of Women

"At the Global Summit of Women, Tara Kimbrell Cole motivated and inspired women in business and government sectors from 75 countries... It was an insightful 'call' to take a pro-active leadership in bringing forward sustainable solutions. Her delivery was received with great enthusiasm. Her delivery was masterful and passionate. The presentation was rich in thought provoking content that provided concrete vision guidance and direction, which was received with great enthusiasm. The feedback received from participants was very positive. Cleary Ms. Cole has the unique ability to both motivate and inform across cultures. I recommend her highly for future engagements."


Peter Crossley
Global Services Director, Asia North

"Tara Kimbrell Cole is a master thinking partner and uniquely combines a relaxed presence with active listening, a powerful perception with a wealth of deep business knowledge to define new ways of seeing and acting. She helps to establish a recalibrated mental platform from which a host of new practical scenarios are surfaced and from which you can then act with absolute confidence."

International Professional Managers Association (IPMA)

Sattar Bawany Ph.D. 
Member of Board of Trustees and Governing Council & Strategic Advisor
International Professional Managers Association (IPMA)

Adjunct Faculty 
Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning 
Duke Corporate Education Global Learning Resource Network

"If you have not had the privilege of hearing Tara Kimbrell Cole speak, then you are in for a rare treat. Her courage, self- motivation and humour make her an absolute delight, a truly motivational experience not to be missed – her message can change your life."

The International Alliance for Women

Hannah Sorscher
CFO (past)
Citicards, Canada

"Tara Kimbrell Cole is a thought leader, bright and intelligent. She is at the leading edge of thought on issues in the region (ASEAN) and ways to take advantage of the innovation taking place."

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