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Programs & Workshops

Synovations uses a finely tuned combination of expertise derived from the fields of Organisational Learning, systems thinking, business practice and experience, and organisational psychology.

Programs & Workshops

Synovations co-creates with its clients programs to fulfill their needs, for example to:

  • Build capability to out-perform effectively in dynamic complexity

  • Catalyze vision that shifts motivation and impacts the bottom line

  • Develop new mindsets to extract maximum value from innovation

  • Shift perspectives to recognize opportunities

  • Tear down mental ‘corridors' that impede problem solving

  • Monetize innovative thought

  • Transform your organisation’s culture through customer engagement culture change

  • Deliver sustainable economic value through people:

    • Convene and strategically align leadership teams for accelerated results

    • Cultivate Systems Thinking and collaboration

    • Develop the disciplines to deliver on strategic objectives and alignment

    • Learn together from the work that they do

Let us know how we can help you.

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