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Coaching & Facilitation

We emphasize 4 integral channels: authentic leadership, innovation, customer-centric culture and sustainable profitability™ woven together via whole systems thinking strategy, learning and application.

We facilitate a wider understanding and awareness of the requirements for sustainable economic value creation and capture. 

These processes are designed to strengthen executives' capacity to make  strategic decisions and deliver strategically aligned results in dynamically complex, volatile and chaotic environments.

SoL Coaches Community of Practice


  • Executive Coaching

  • Executive Consulting

  • Executive Mentoring



  • Team Coaching

  • Group Coaching

Executive Committee & C Suite 

Women's Leadership    

High Potentials

Listen to these leaders' views on Coaching

Tara Kimbrell Cole - Perspective on The Celebrity Coach
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Tara Kimbrell Cole
Synovations, CEO & Lead Consultant

Perspective on The Celebrity Coach