Interactive multimedia presentation at World Presidents Organization (WPO) Singapore Chapter

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Synovations® CEO, Tara Kimbrell Cole, made an interactive multimedia presentation to the World Presidents Organization (WPO) Singapore Chapter entitled "A Change of Life in This Change of Age™" Transitioning into "second adulthood" (Sheehy 2006) and beyond.

Inspired by the late Professor Emeritus Dr. Russell L. Ackoff while at the Wharton School, Kimbrell Cole developed a program to investigate this 'Change of Age: a collective and individual re-evaluation of the principles with which we make sense of our world'.

Kimbrell Cole and some 30+ enthusiastic participants briefly explored astronomy, humans as the instruments of perception, barriers to learning and change, quantum and ancient philosophies, surprising recent research, new paradigms of motivation and aspects of the world view that are transforming from one theory of reality to another.

A lively dialogue ensued about some of the scientific discoveries that are changing the perceived structure of 'reality', potential areas from which new enthusiasm can emerge and some of what it takes to discover and achieve new fulfillment(s).

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