Today's Manager "Clamour to Increase Women Board Members" interviews Tara Kimbrell Cole

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Singapore Institute of Management's publication, Today's Manager in its cover story "Clamour to Increase Women Board Members" interviews Tara Kimbrell Cole

Tara Kimbrell Cole, chief executive officer and executive coach of Synovations Pte Ltd finds that the role of board members and their fiduciary responsibilities have been substantially shifting. Board members are now responsible for decisions they take.

Cole says: "Historically the board was composed of old friends of company founders, chairmen and CEOs to assure their agreement. The business world has traditionally been dominated by men. Unfortunately, ingrained in the mind of most men is the belief that women think differently and that this thinking threatens the established norms. While the benefits of diverse opinions are universally extolled, there is still considerable resistance to actually addressing them. Global transformation often takes considerable time and happens very gradually."

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