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Expat Living Magazine "On The Hunt, A job-seeker's guide"

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

WISE COUNSEL. With 20 years' experience in Singapore and over 30 years in a career spanning finance, executive development, coaching and innovation, Tara Kimbrell Cole can offer plenty of wisdom and insight. She says that while finding a job is hard, she believes that because Singapore is a transient place where people come and go, it can be much more welcoming for job seekers than many other cities. "While work cultures vary from company to company, I do think Singapore is very cosmopolitan and the diversity is exceptional; you just need to understand your own ability to adapt."... "Woman also have to invest in themselves," Tara adds. "Individual development and self-awareness are very important, though a lot of people are reticent in that way."

Expat Living Magazine "On The Hunt, A job-seeker's guide"


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