"A Change of Life in This Change of Age™" Transitioning into Second Adulthood

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Synovations® CEO Tara Kimbrell Cole Launches "A Change of Life in This Change of Age™" Transitioning into Second Adulthood.

This is a cutting-edge program for transitioning into "second adulthood" (Sheehy 2006) using multimedia, guided journeys with dialogue and coaching to catalyze innovative thought as we shift from the Machine Age to the Age of Warming and Climate Change.

Inspired by the late Professor Emeritus Dr. Russell L. Ackoff while at the Wharton School, Tara Kimbrell Cole, founding CEO, Synovations® Pte. Ltd., is pleased to announce the launch of its program "A Change of Life in This Change of Age".

"Two decades ago Professor Ackoff, informed us that we were in the early stages of 'a Change of Age: a collective and individual re-evaluation of the principles with which we make sense of our world,'" says Kimbrell Cole. "It is full blown today; our world view is transforming from one theory of reality to another. Similar to the transition from Middle Ages to the Renaissance, we are shifting from the Machine Age to the Age of Warming (Climate Change)."

Prompted by Singapore's Young Presidents Organization's (YPO) request, Kimbrell Cole created a presentation that addresses the challenges of this dynamic transition for those now nearing, or beyond 50.

Kimbrell Cole began to further reflect on Dr. Alkoff's insight and developed a program to facilitate these personal transitions in uncharted territory noting that, "they are coinciding with the transformation of our concepts about life. After all, today we know it literally takes only 21 days to rewire the synapses in your brain and many neuroscientists are proposing that there may be no limit to the adult human life cycle."

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